یک نمونه NAS

همانند کامپیوترهای خانگی، نوت بوک ها و دیگر تجهیزات محاسباتی، تجهیزات NAS نیز پردازنده و حافظه دارند و هرچه پردازنده قوی تر و سریع تر باشد و حافظه RAM بیشتری در اختیار داشته باشد، کارایی NAS بهتر است.

عمده تجهیزات NAS قدرتمند SMB بازار از پردازنده Atom شرکت اینتل استفاده می کنند. یکی از پر قدرت ترین تجهیزات NAS بازار، مدل QNAP TS-659 Pro- 6 Drive Turbo است که از پردازنده ی Dual Core Atom D510 استفاده می کند (شکل 9- 42).

تجهیز NAS مجهز به پردازنده ی Atom گران قیمت هستند و به همین در مدل های NAS خانگی از پردازنده های ARM مانند تراشه های شرکت Marvell استفاده می شود. یک قطعه ی سخت افزاری مهم دیگر در NAS فن یا خنک کننده هاست.

هر NAS حداقل دارای یک فن است، اما مدل های پیشرفته تر دو یا سه فن بزرگ را نیز در خود جای داده اند. اهمیت سیستم خنک کننده تا حدی است که در انواع ارزان قیمت NAS که امکان تعبیه فن های قدرتمند وجود ندارد، قابلیت های نیازمند پردازش سنگین (نظیر ویژگی تحمل خطا یا و بازیابی) نیز که باعث افزایش دمای پردازنده و تجهیز می شوند، حذف شده است.

مشخصه های یک نمونه NAS

جدول زیر تجهیز NAS، مدل QNAP TS-659 Pro- 6 Drive Turbo

Hardware Specification
Intel Atom Processor D510 1.66GHz (Dual-Core)Processor
1GB DDRII RAM, 512 MB (DOM)Memory
Hot-swappable and Lockable hdd Tray

2.5″/3.5″ SATA (The Standard System is Shipped Without hdd)

Hard Drive
Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet Port x 2LAN Part
USB 2.0 Port: 5

eSATA Port: 2

4 VGA: 1 (Reserved)

I/O Interface
Status, LAN, USB, eSATA, hddSystem Information Display
Power button, one touch copy button, reset buttonButtons
System warningAlarm Buzzer
Portable DesktopForm Factor
5.1 kgWeight
Temperature 0~40(Celcius), Humidity 0~95% R.H.Operation Environment
External 100-240Vexternal 100-240VPower Supply
Smart FanlessSmart FanlessFan
K-Lock security slotK-Lock security slotSecure Design
Software Specification
Linux-embedded systemOperation System
TCP/IP, DHCP Client, DHCP Server, CIFS/SMB,AFP,NFS,HTTP,HTTPS,FTP,DDNS,NTP,Gigabit Jumbo Frame, BonjourNetworking
EXT3 (lnternall external hdd)

EXT4 (Internal/ External) FAT32 (External hdd)

NITS (External hdd)

File System
Microsoft Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7 Mac OS X

Linux and Unix

Supported Operating Systems
TCP/IP (IPv4 & IPv6: Dual Stack)

Dual Gigabit NICs with Jumbo Frame

Multi-IP Setting, Port Trunking/ NIC Teaming

DHCP Client, DHCP Server

Protocols: CIFS/ SMB, AFP, NFS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, iSCSI, and SNMP

Network Service Discovery (UPnP, Bonjour)

CIFS/ SMB (Plus DFS Support), AFP, NFS, FTP, WebDAVNetwork File Sharing
USB One Touch Copy Backup (Import/ Export)

Apple Time Machine Support

Block-level Remote Replication

Works as Both an Rsync Server & Client

Supports Encrypted Replication between QNAP NAS Servers

Data Backup to External Storage Devices

Data Backup to Online Cloud Storage (Amazon S3)

Backup Solution
AES 256-bit Volume-based Data Encryption IP Filter

Network Access Protection with Auto-blocking HTTPS Connection

FTP with SSL/ TLS (Explicit)

Encrypted Remote Replication (Rsync over SSH)

Importable 551 Certificate

Instant Alert E-mail and SMS

Single Disk, 11300, RAID 0/ 1/ 5/ 6/ 5+hot spare/ 6+hot spare

Online RAID Capacity Expansion

Online RAID Level Migration

hdd S.M.A.R.T.

Bad Block Scan

RAID Recovery

Bitmap Support

Disk Management
iSCSI Target

Multi-LUNs per Target

Supports LUN Mapping & LUN Masking

Supports SPC-3 Persistent Reservation

Supports MPIO

Supports MC/S

Virtual Disk Drive (via iSCSI Initiator)

Stack Chaining Master Max. Virtual Disk Drives: 8

Supports VMwa re vSphere (ESX/ ESXi 4.0 and above)

Supports Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V & Failover Clustering

Server Virtualization & Clustering
Wake on LAN

Scheduled Power on/ off (Max. 15 Settings)

Automatic Power on after Power Recovery

Power Management
User Accounts Management

Groups Management

Share Folders Management

Batch Creating Users

Import User List

User Quota Management

Access Right Management
AJAX-based User Interface

HTTP/ HTTPS Connections

Alert Notification (Email & SMS)

Smart Fan Control DDNS

SNMP (v2 & v3)

UPS Support with SNMP & USB

Resource Monitor

Network Recycle Bin for CIFS/ SMB and AFP

Comprehensive Logs (Events & Connections) Real-time

Online User List

Syslog Client

Backup and Restore System Settings

Web Administration
Web Application





P2P Application

MIlionkey (eMule)


Server Application

SSOTS (Squeezebox Server)

Tomcat Asterisk XDove (Mail Server)


Optware IPKG


Java Runtime Environment

Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, SwedishMultilingual Support
Internet Explorer 7 & 8 or Later Firefox 3 or Later

Safari 3 & 4 or Later

Google Chrome

Supported Web Browsers
Powerful All-in-one Server
File Sharing across Windows, Mac OS and Linux/ Unix Platforms

Protocols: CIFS/ SMB, AFP, NES, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS QNAP Web File Manager

File server
Supports data access from remote location via FTP (max.256 concurrent connections)

FTP with SSL/ TLS (explicit) mode

FXP Supported

FTP bandwidth control and connection control

Passive FTP port range control

FTP server
HTTP/ HTTPS Connections

Supports WebDAV Connection

Importable SSL Certificate

Web server
Built-in MySQL Server

Web-based Management via phpMyAdmin (QPKG)

Database Server
Remote Replication Server (over Rsync)

Apple Time Machine Support

QNAP Client Backup Application — NetBak Replicator

3rd Party Backup Software Support: Acronis True Image, CA BrightStor, ARCserve Backup, EMC Retrospect, Symantec Backup Exec, LaCie Silverkeeper

Backup Server
Network Printer Sharing (Max. 3 USB printers)Printer Server
Audio and Video Sharing

Smart Playlist for iTunes Client (Windows & Mac OS)

iTunes Server
Built-in TwonkyMedia Server (DLNA 1.5 Certified)

Real-time & ground Photo Transcoding

Supports Upr LNA Media Players

Game Consol  layStation 3, PSP, and Xbox 360

Digital Media

Mobile Devic iPhone/ iPod Touch with UPnP/ DLNA

Supported Formats Fly, F4V, MP4

Video: ASF, FLV, WAV

Audio: MP3, GIF, JPG, PNG

UPnP Media Server (built-in TwonkyMedia)
Tunes server for music sharing

Smart playlist for iTunes software

iTunes Server
PC-less BitTorrent/ FTP/ HTTP Download (Up to 500 Tasks) BitTorrent Download

Supports TCP/ UDP Tracker Protocol

Scheduled Download

Configurable Port Range

Bandwidth Control

UPnP NAT Port Forwarding

HTTP/ FTP Download

Configurable Saving Directory

Bulk Download with Wildcard Setting

RapidShare Download Support

QNAP Download Management Software: Qget

For Both Windows & Mac OS

Control the Download Tasks on

Multiple QNAP NAS over LAN or WAN

Download Station
Supports IP cameras (optional purchase) for network surveillance

Surveillance Station

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